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Best Asian Massage Dumfries

Oasis Massage

If you find yourself stressed out any time of day and in need of some relaxation, you need to visit our Korean Asian Massage Spa for the perfect session – whether it’s for a Massage, Table Shower or Body Scrub.
For additional info please contact our staffs.

Oasis Massage Spa

Oasis Massage Spa

Best Massage Spa Dumfries

Oasis Massage Spa Fort Lauderddale

Oasis Massage Spa

Best Massage Spa

Oasis Spa Dumfries

Oasis Massage Spa Dumfries

Your Massage Destination

Korean Asian Spa Dumfries

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Visit Oasis Korean Asian Spa in Dumfries area

About Us

Oasis Massage is based in Dumfries, VAorida. Our massage services aims to help improve a person's health and wellbeing. Our clean, professionally equipped facilities is just perfect as your relaxation destination.

Our Staff

Our Asian and Korean staff are customer oriented and provide the best quality services. Our Korean and Asian staffs are courteous and perform their responsibilities with a high standard of professionalism.

Our Spa

When you first come to our establishment, you will immediately notice its cleanliness and oriental ambiance. Our rooms are always kept tidy and clean. You will love our professionally curated ambient music for soothing relaxation.

Our Location

Oasis Massage spa is located in a business plaza at 17503 JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY • DUMFRIES VA, 22026.

Our business is open from 9:00am until 10:00pm Daily. Ample parking spaces available for customers. For additional information call us at 703-867-1827

Massage Services

Our facilities are designed to enhance your spa experience. Guests can choose Massage styles such as Deep Tissue or Shiatsu, Table Shower, or Body Scrub. Our facilities are open from 9am-11pm so that you may relax on your own schedule.

Deep Tissue

Utilizes pressure, a combination of lengthening and cross-fiber strokes, anchor and stretch, freeing muscle from tension. Deep tissue works all of connective tissue and fascia and helps alleviate lower back pain.

Swedish Massage

Foremost Swedish massage technique aims to relax the body to free it from muscle tension. Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for relaxation and tension relief.

Shower Facilities

A good option after working hard on a hot muggy day would be a good Table Shower. Hot, Cold, or Warm shower, whichever is preferred cleanses the skin from the grime that accumulate on the skin.

Clean Rooms

We designed our treatment rooms for maximum comfort. In addition, the relaxing setting with tranquil music will have you enjoying your time at Oasis Massage. Visit us today!


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